Monday , January 25 2021

The question about the use of the picture of Khaldah in the poster

Arguing for his claim, party leaders say that the case of corruption case Khalidiya Zia is not in charge of the party's chair, and instead her executive chairman Tariq Rahman Farari accused the accused.

In addition, the leaflets in the & # 39; Miscellaneous Information & # 39; To release, the Awami League appealed to cancel the membership of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders.

A delegation of the Election Committee of the Emami League led by HT Imam held a meeting with Election Commissioners on Friday evening.

He met Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda, Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder, Shahadat Hussain Chaudhary and senior officials including HC Halaladdin Ahmed, who were in the upcoming election house from 6 pm to 6.00 pm.

After the meeting, HT Imam said in the media center of the election house, "Khaledia Zia is not currently in the party's position, so her picture can not be used according to the code of conduct. On the other hand, Taraq Rahman is a absconding accused. Therefore, the Chief Election Commissioner has been requested Is that your picture used in the poster poster.

"It is clear on the posters that there will be pictures of party posters, party president, President's portrait of President and picture of candidate, and Bangladeshi printed photos of both Khalda Zia and Tareq Zia for the campaign. This is a clear violation of the law. Currently, Khilela Zia is not Chairperson of BNP. According to Tariq Rahman. "

Former Prime Minister Khalidiya Zia, 10 convicted of 10 corruption cases and seven years of imprisonment has been arrested from February 8. After being in jail, his son's senior vice-chairman, Tariq Rahman, was the chairman of the Chairperson.

Tariq Rahman is guilty of corruption in the United Kingdom for two years and the case of corruption and life imprisonment for 7 and 10 years. Keeping in mind the laws of Bangladesh, he has now fled.

In the seventh part of the constitution of BNP, it was said that the corrupt person is a member of a BJP party or as a national parliamentary candidate for a & # 39; disqualified & # 39; Will be counted. Prior to the first verdict to abolish the threat against Khalda, the seventh constitution had ended and the revised constitution of the BNP was introduced to the Election Commission.

One person appealed to the Election Commission challenging the amendment. The court told the EC to settle the appeal within a month after the court heard the reply. Until disposal of the application, BNP has been asked not to accept the revised format.

Meanwhile, Tariq Rahman, who participated in the election of BNP candidates in London's video conference, started eleven parliamentary elections. When the Awami League was protesting against this, the Election Commission said that there is nothing left to do in this matter because the convicted Tariq Rahman is not in the country.

Awami League leaders complained about violation of the code of conduct against party leader Moudud Ahmed in a meeting with Election Commissioners on Friday.

H.T. Imam said, "Moudad Ahmed has ordered party leaders and workers, where elections will be held, there will be a paddy ear on the stick. There is a clear violation of the code of conduct a few days ago, we had seen cruel use of these racks in Paltan."

He urged the Election Commission to take necessary action in this regard.

Referring to the request to cancel the candidature of Jamat leaders, Imam said, "Some of the bail candidates have been sent to the Commission on the High Court." They presented false information in the nomination form.

"They wrote at the party's place, but BNP is not BNP – in various newspapers, submitted false information. Their nomination is over. We have requested the commission to cancel the nomination of Jamat."

He once again objected to four of 118 NGOs approved as election observers.

Four organizations are Khan Foundation, Democracy Watch, Lighthouse and Human Rights Coordination Council.

HT Imam said, "No person can be given the responsibility as observer of loyal elections for any group, individual or special institution's ideology, these four organizations are associated with BJP's politics."

He also submitted the information-related information commission on the invasion and attacks on Amy League leaders and attacks on different places of the country.

Imam said, "Aammi League activists are being attacked and invaded the whole country. We have informed the commission in the commission. Even today, we have informed the information in the article and have sought its remedies.

"Our workers are being attacked all over the country, while BNP-Jamaat is complaining against it, so we have decided that from now on we will present such incidents to the Election Commission every day."

Responding to the questions of the journalists, he said, "We do not believe in the Election Commission. There can be differences here. It is like the court where entry can be made. We believe in everyone, including Chief Election Commissioner."

The delegation included the Deputy Secretary Office of Awami League Byplob Barua, ABM Riazul Kabir Kasar and Najiballah Hiru.

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