Sunday , January 17 2021

The rain you gave me a photo trailer

& # 39; I gave you rain & # 39; Photo poster photo: stored

Zia Ahasan's new movie & # 39; Bejaya & # 39; At the beginning of the year, it has been released in Bengal. & # 39; Abandonment & # 39; Find the sequel to Moving busy in Calcutta, Bajaj is busy busy in Kolkata, telling his new one more picture.

Yesterday Saturday on & # 39; Ravi di Dila & # 39; Photo trailer was performed. Joe trailer is found in many ways. Here's the first dialog that's watched, & # 39; Help, please help. & # 39;

Photo trailer shared on its official Facebook page, Jaya wrote, "Rain is always romantic, but it is not."

Jaya Ahsan, the favorite of two Bengalis, has proven herself in many different roles in the past. Film & # 39; Rab We Dread Me & # 39; It will be seen in the role of mental patient in the film. The story of Turnwood's film, screenplay and dialogue was written on the flute.

It will be seen in the story, Jai Ahsan suffers from personality problems. After getting out of the house with the advice of the psychiatrist, many incidents are taking place. The story of the film has moved forward so far.

Apart from Jaya Ahasan, Charywit Chakraborty, Badsha Methar, Subrata Dutt, Tanushree Chattopadhyay and Rajesh Sharma also starred in the role of psychological thriller. Jaya Ahsan says that the film will be released soon.

Meanwhile, on January 4, Jia's & # 39; Bejaya & # 39; And on the same day, the & # 39; Bisger & # 39; The film was released in Dhaka. It is understood that the start of the year has been very good. Movie & # 39; Goddess & # 39; The actress will be surprised at the year that will wait for the new year.

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