Wednesday , January 27 2021

The rocks will be the ramp model

Now the ramp model is a screenplay poppy. It will run on the road and present different fashion aspects in front of the audience. Not only this, this actress will bring people to the fashion world. This is the story of Poppy, who will work in the film.

Recently, she had to do a & # 39; swap '& # 39; The new movie has been signed. And the story is about the colorful landscape of fashion. It is known that photo-maker Piel Hussain America's colonial fashion designer This is his first picture.

Daily Ours Time OnlineKPP said, "I want to do good work in the new year." Dreaming "is a part of it. The story of the film is around the Shobies area. It seems, in general story, but this story has been enhanced very well. That you like this picture. & # 39;

It has been learned that shooting for the next month is 'Swanbaji'. Will be done in the film. Along with popular actress Sajal, besides poppy, Chawla's popular actor will work more. There is also Jannatul Frans Peir in the film.

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