Saturday , April 1 2023

The rumors of the Arshad ill are rumors: the caste party


Hussein Mohammad Irshad, chairman and former president of the Ghat Party, spread news on the news. Chief Minister of Arshad has become the Chief Minister of Jharkhand on Thursday. The caste consensus has stated in a Combined Missile Hospital (CMH) one day for regular examination.
Even before the tenth parliamentary election of 2014, Ershad & # 39; dramatic & # 39; CHS joined the disease. If BNP is boycotted, Ershad declares that after Ram CPM's participation in the second week of December, he will not participate in the election. Rab then talked about sickness. But the leaders of the caste party claimed that their chairman was not infected. He was elected as a member of the Ashes Hospital. He was then a special representative of the Prime Minister. Irshad's wife Raushan Ishad became the Leader of Opposition in the Ghatya parliament. Later, she said she would talk and talk about taking part in the election from Ershad Hospital. But for five years nothing came out of his mouth. So, there is a lot of buzz about CMH.
When asked about this, the news is & # 39; rumored & # 39; "Said Ernard Press and political secretary Sunil Shrove Roy. Sir (Irshard) went to the hospital for regular examination. He visits us regularly. Brigadier General Dr. Dr. The doctors have to go to hospital for various tests at the direction of doctors. Irkuta was sick after election campaign. However, he went to CMH clinic. According to Press Secretary Jiyandhya's party, Ershad is in good condition and is in his home in Baridhara.
Ershad filed the nomination papers for the Dhaka-17 constituency
Former president of the caste party and chairman of the Ghat Party Hussain Mohammad Irshad collected the nominal papers for the elections in the Dhaka-17 constituency. A member of the Zionist Party is a member of the President and a member of the Dhaka Metropolitan President MM. Faisal Chishti president Asha's nomination papers were received from the Assistant Retirement Officer Office in Kutch area of ​​the capital on Wednesday afternoon.

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