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The UNP will take part in the election, and the politics of voting for politics


Opportunity to participate in elections, the demand for voting

The National Unite Unit has also announced the 11th Parliament Election. Today, for a united front in a press conference at the National Press Club. Kamal Hussain announced this. A month delay in elections.

At the press conference. Kamal said that the unity of the people is emphasizing. In our history, they have succeeded when people become one. Then Allah will be there. People will be united. The larger demand is changing. This unity is based on constitutional values. The National Unit Front organized a press conference today to express their stand on the upcoming parliamentary election in the united front to take over the faith of the people through electoral force. Kamal Hassan read a letter from the BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir in a press conference.

Responding to journalists' questions in the press conference, United Front leaders said, "If the symbol of elections is a symbol of the unity, it will be informed later. The United Front will be in the coalition meeting today. Decisions relevant to the meeting will be written for nomination to choose forms for sale.

If you do not want to play field that plays level. Kamal Hussain said, "We will act in the movement. If necessary, we will take refuge in the law. If necessary, we will go to court.

Asked whether he should boycott the election if he did not get any solution. He said.

The United Nations has always written in the united front that the National Unity Unit will always focus on dialogue and understanding in resolving the crisis of democracy. The Ekta Front government made a conversation in order to achieve this. In view of the call, on November 1 and 7, the government invited two rounds of discussions at Ganapatib. Sadly, we did not see the government's attitude to compromise on the transition path of today's crisis. They rejected seven critical demands we submitted to the government for fair elections. Without the current constitution, there is no guarantee of all the challenges that can be challenged, because some of them have been dissociated from the Constitution and are confused.

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Awami League and President of the two-stage talks, controlled opponents and rallied opponents. The arrests were also made in future cases of political torture and assured them that such cases should not be allowed in the future. After the confirmation, there were two general meetings held in the unified front – one in Dhaka and one by Rajshahi. Delayed two public meetings to allow written approval and prevented the participation of the public in public transport by creating a crisis of crisis. The Rajshahi bus from Dhaka will not run two days before the Rajshahi public meeting. Even in Rajshahi, the bus connection has been closed in many cities nearby.

Hundreds of leaders and activists have been detained during the two-day general assembly. Soon after the announcement of a proposal to arrest arrests, over 1200 leaders and activists were arrested. When contradicted by the government's two subjects, we must assume that the government was not sincerely in reconciliation with the National Unified Front.

The unified coalition has asked for more discussions for a detailed review of the seven possibilities. That's why they asked for more debates and asked not to announce the schedule until the end of the conversation. But the government did not respond to that call. After the written declaration, the Election Commission has made clear the schedule of the government's request to make the government happy in many places. The goal of all governmental initiatives was to make another election by January 5, 2014. This eliminates the national unity from the elections.

Mirza Fakrul Islam Aligiri said. After the announcement of the eleventh Parliamentary Schedule, this conversation has proven to be no strict deal. The government does not fulfill any conditions. In this case, acceptable selection is impossible. After this, the National Unity Council decided to take part in the elections.

He urged to delay a month's election date. Fakrul said the National Unity Field should look to the Election Commission and the activities of the government. In reply to the question of whether the AMM candidate will contest the election, Fakrul and Kamal will be informed.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alangir, President of Jashad A Abdur Rab, BNP Standing Committee member Barrister Maudud Ahmed and Mahmoodal Rehman Manna of Civil Information.

Saturday night decided to participate in the election of top leaders of national unity. The closing ceremonies of the United Nations have come to an end Sunday in a press conference.

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