Thursday , May 6 2021

The victory of the ruling party has been forwarded: Oli

The victory of the ruling party has been forwarded: Oli

Colonel Oli at a meeting with 20 party leaders and activists: Jugandar

Liberal Democratic Party (LDD) president, Colonel (Rit Olhi Ahmed said, "I am picking up, I am in the election." But in selection, the nomination papers of 80 people have been canceled, through this, the government's party victory has been put forward.

He told a press briefing after meeting a 20-party meeting at BNP Paribartan's political office in Gulshan in the capital on Sunday. The meeting lasted from 6.00 am to 8:30 pm.

He said, the government does not allow anyone to stay at home. Opposition activists are arrested every day. The election environment is not at all. There is no level playing field.

"It is not possible to stay till the end till the end."

Oli Ahmed said that the candidacy has been canceled due to various excuses, we promised the nation, we will participate in the elections. Accordingly, nomination papers were submitted in favor of a 20-party alliance.

However, sadly, before and after the nomination paper, many leaders of the coalition were imprisoned in false cases. Its main purpose is to avoid any competitor. & # 39;

He said 80 nomination papers were canceled. Many of them had similar problems. After resigning as the Chairman of the mayor and vice chair, the resignation copy was submitted to the nomination papers by submitting a resignation letter. What will not accept resignation, it is a government case.

"However, due to this excuse, many nomination papers have been canceled. Again, many have been told that you have a protective loan, but they have never taken loans. '

He said, again, many people rebuilt the loan following government rules. But many of them have been declared inappropriate for the election.

"Not only that, BAP secretary general has signed six. Two-in-a-top can be curved, he did not seal, he will have to do it himself," said LDD president Oli.

He said that the returning officer should take five minutes to get the correct information of BNP. Or we have sent an election commission on behalf of each party who has sealed my party's pad and met with them.

Nothing has been canceled to damage the 20-party connection uninterrupted without doing anything for 80 people. "

Commenting on the role of Election Commission, Oli said that we have given 13 points to the Election Commission. They accepted. But they have not done any action so far.

According to him, we do not think there is any power in this commission. They are probably working at the post office. The government has ordered, they are doing it. People are being misled

Sources also said that negotiations were discussed in the meeting about distribution of seats. The leaders of the BJP leaders said they will sit with the partners on Wednesday next. There is no problem in this.
Other members of the Standing Committee of the BJP include Nazrul Islam Khan, Khalafah Majlani's Maulana Muhammad Ishaq, Abdul Halim of Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Noor Hussain Kasmaami of Jamit Olmiyah, Mufti Muhammad Waqas, AHM of Muslim League. Kamruzzaman Khan, Maulana Abdul Karim of Islami Okya Yat, Azhul Islam of NAP-Vashni, and Secretary General of Jagap Khandakar Lutfur Ram, NPP Saiful Rahman Mustafa, MN Nadra Sadeki Shaon, Daniel Saifuddin Ahmed, Minister, Minister of Labor Faruk Rahiman Abul Kasem Islamic Party, NDP said. Abu Taher, National Team Syed Ehsanul Huda, National Party (Kazi Zafar) Shafiuddin Bhuyan and others.

Najrul Islam Khan, a member of the BJP's Standing Committee, said, "We have held elections, I am in the election." Isha Allah

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