Thursday , June 8 2023

There is no BNP alternative to the polls. Fasting


Commerce Secretary Tofail Ahmed said, "As far as the BNP is concerned, there will not be any alternatives to the coming elections. We discussed with them, I am the PM. I quoted their arguments. They need an advisory government that is not in the constitution. They want the Parliament to be abolished, which is not in the Constitution. During this period Bangladeshi daughter Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh development had become a model. When the Awami League came to power, the people and the nation of the country were developing. To protect the success of this development, he sought to build the Awami League Castle for the home to ensure the victory of the boat in the upcoming election. Minister of Agriculture Thophil Ahil Ahmed said at a meeting of the Bhola 1 Committee on Members of the 11th Caste organized by Bhola Sadar Upasala Awami League in Bhola government school.

Awami League leaders and activists were very excited at this conference. The Sadar Upazila 13 attended the rally of around 15,000 workers, including women union members. At the start of the rally, a documentary was exhibited in colorful political life of the country's development and trade minister, Tofail Ahmed.

Minister of Commerce Thofiil Ahmed said that the current prime minister, Awami League, was trying to kill 19 times. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has killed Nato's father. The court ordered the murder of four national leaders. War criminals were tried. Through this trial, Bangladesh freed from mystery.

In 2001, the BNP came to power. The Awami League activists in Bhola were beaten up. Bhola Awami League leaders and workers could not stay home. Many leaders and activists live in Dhaka for 5 years. Parents could not attend the funeral.

If the BNP threatens to threaten power, the Commerce Minister has asked all the houses to build the Awami League Fort. No arrests should be made without any specific allegations. There was no one in Bhola. Whether the police were bombarded or BNP had fought against each other. We did not put anyone in jail.

In the last ten years, the Minister raised the Rs 1,000 crore development, including construction of roads, bridges and colored buildings.

The development in the country. The development took place in town and village. Today, all villages in the country, including Bhola, have become a city. Electricity has been achieved in rural areas. The people of the village happily lived because of the vast expansion of rural infrastructure. Today's Prime Minister, Democrat and Sheikh Hasina's sincere efforts are possible.

The Bhola Barisal bridge was a dream come true for the people of Bhola. The construction of this bridge was announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The previous Bhola-Barisal bridge study was conducted. The bridge will be constructed if the Awami League comes to power in the future.

Bhola has natural gas resources. The implementation of this resource will create an economy in Bhola. Bhola will be the best district in the country in development. Singapore will be Singapore

Abdul Mamin Tulu, Municipal mayor Monir Manasan, Joint Secretary Jaunil Naqib, Joint Secretary Eunamul Hak Arjuh, Organizing Secretary Mukhul Hussain Biplolo, Sadar Subjila Vice Chairman Mohammed Yunus, Baptha Union Parishad Chairman Yanur Rahman Value Revolutionary Mullah, Dhanyia Union Awami League President Arun havalardar, mahambullal Shanu Alam and others.

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