Thursday , January 21 2021

There is no reason to think that people who are in the cabinet are permanent … -723467 | Cleric Knights

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quder has said that there is no reason to think that new Cabinet members will be functioning forever. He said, 'A new ministry was formed. There may be further expansion in the future. Five years long When will you come, when will you go? There is no reason to be present there, that is present is permanent. & # 39; He said briefly in the Secretariat on Monday.

Obedul Quder said, "The Ministry of Youth has been formed with the combination of experience, their energy and manifestation of manifests." This cabinet has been created by the balance of trade and technology. This is because our goals can be simplified. "

Replying to the question of journalists, none of the Coalition partners are in the Cabinet, he said, "Friends are with us. If you are a minister, you will become a coordinator, not a minister or minister will remain there.

Kadar said, "The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given gifts to the people, it is very important." Many people have expressed their satisfaction over Facebook on Facebook, appreciated on the television talk show, with the expectation of reality, the realities of the new ministers, their success- How to rely on failure

He also said, "Besides the new members of the Cabinet, there are also experienced ministers. Law Minister, Freedom Fighter, Planning Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud, Dr. Abdur Razzaq, Deepu Moni, they were already ministers."

The General Secretary of the Awami League said that the new government is the biggest challenge of the cabinet for controlling corruption.

Regarding removing many of the cabinet, the leader of the Awami League said, "It is not the government's responsibility to remove responsibility."

He said, "There are different groups of government and party. Apart from a well-organized government, senior leaders will play a role in forming well organized groups. It is not unreasonable for senior people, it is not a change in the Cabinet but there is a change of responsibility."

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