Monday , September 26 2022

Thousands of vehicles were blocked in the atmosphere … – 701202 | Calere Canto


"We arrived at downtown Ghat at 8 pm on Tuesday night and since then I am trapped in khatti, now at 12 o'clock in the serial, no fire ticket in the serial can not tell when the ferry arrives, and the cows standing in the truck are infected," I am in great danger. "From Ja'roor and Goltoli to Dhaka (Number-Dhaka Etrea- T-11-264), from the words of the driver meanirul Islam. Many of the passengers, trucks, trucks, and thousands of karukalumunt. Heavy Fog reason, Fire sarvisuntayirunnu six hours of the connecting dalatdi-paturiya flows. In addition, the pressure of the dalatdi created dhakkad Ghats along the border.

From Wednesday afternoon, Dolvada Gat, large terminal yards of the terminal are full of local buses and truck trucks. On the other side, long distance buses and trucks on one side of the 6 km long road from Feriagar town to the Golanda Appalila Complex in Daulati-Khulna highway have two queues of various transport companies. There are three or four rows everywhere, and there is also a train of traffic. The ferry service is suspended for two hours from Dowladi-Punalia. As a result, a dozen cars were stuck in Dowladi Forest on Wednesday and created a large traffic jam. Bharat Kumar Mandal, managing director of the Eagle Transport Company, Daulatiyah Ghat, said that the traffic was interrupted by over 150 houses in the night. On Wednesday afternoon, long-distance night coaches arrived at the bus stop in the night. Passengers, especially children and women, are victims of the bus. The driver, including the driver,

The Diwali Ghat office of the IWT said that the fog in the river had fallen since last evening. Later on, Fog density increases. On Tuesday, the naval forces were closed on Tuesday night at about 11.30 pm, but the Dowlatti-Patraya's Dowladi-Patra Route continued for two hours on Tuesday. During the fog, Rohru Ferry, a resident of Tongi, trapped the river with passengers and passengers.

The Dowladi Ghat manager of the IWCC said: "Due to heavy fog, Ferry stopped services, and in the long run traffic of Daulatdi Ghat, there was a huge increase in car prices including Dhaka." Nonetheless, passengers and microbuses have long distances from private cars. He said.

Fire services in Shimolia-Kadaman borough were closed due to heavy fog because of heavy fog. Passengers were injured from Wednesday night between 3 pm and 9 am. Traffic jam

Abdul Alim, Divisional BI Manager (Trade) said that Padma was in a state of emergency on Wednesday at 3pm. It was not visible in the Shimulia-Kantalbari, covering the fountain with a snow cover. As a result, the ferry was stopped by accident. Authorities stopped ferry movement on river rath. In Padma, four ferries were trapped using vehicles and passengers. In the passage of two accidents, 10 ferries failed to leave due to fog. The ferry movement is usually after 9 o'clock after fog.

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