Tuesday , August 16 2022

Three months jail for nominating the boat


A month-long jail sentence was sentenced to one month for nomination of Awami Lee in the upcoming parliamentary election.

A mobile court in the Rajshahi district administration was instructed to disrupt the government work.

Ibrahim Hussain Moon has been named in the chargesheet. He is the former president of Rajshahi University Unit in BSL. The nomination papers of Seemandhra Lok Sabha constituency filed from the Pubna constituency to contest the eleven Parliament elections.

On Saturday afternoon, additional deputy commissioner (general) Alamir Kabir ordered the fate of the Shyamoon Chinese restaurant owned by Muni, a resident of Kajla in Rajshahi University. At that time, the executive magistrate seized the moon in a hot syllabary.

Executive magistrate and district assistant commissioner Mumnun Ahmad Anik were sentenced to three months in jail in Munak. Later, the Deputy Deputy Commissioner said.

Salman Shakil / FA / PR

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