Saturday , June 19 2021

Today is the & # 39; Ray Acharcher Award & # 39;

Music artist Kaushik Hussein Taposh today won the 'Aaj Tak Epik Award' Award & # 39; Taking. Photo: retrieved

Mother Teresa International Award – Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award & # 39; This year the country's music director and Kaushik Hussein Taposhu has accepted. He was awarded the Dana Saheba Phalke Excellence Award by South Rana Dajubati Award. Most of the musicians know this.

He will be in Mumbai Mayer on Monday at the Global Music Collage Project & # 39; Wind of Change & # 39; As the best music director of the day & # 39; s Rock Achygar Award & # 39; Get it. Punjabi Sufi singer Jaspinder Narula received the award.

Global Music Corporation Project & # 39; Wind of Change & # 39; Thanks to organizers of the Today Rock Document Awards for honoring me as a name & # 39; "Said Kaushik Hussein Taposh. I am grateful to my family, friends, good people, and musicians. I dedicate this award to my countrymate Bangladesh and to every citizen who believes in the ideas of 1952 and 1971. "

Kaushik Husain Taposh is busy with music. He was familiar with the Bollywood star Nargis Fagdha. In July, Nargis Fakri shared a number of pictures on Facebook. The photos they've raised in Turkey. When asked about this, Kaushik Husain Taposh said, "I do a very important project between Bollywood and Nargis Fakri, this is a project from Mumbai but I do not want to say more about the project now and I'm looking forward to a big surprise.

Kaushik Hussein Taposh of Bangladesh is the only channel of the National Music Channel. Tapos dreams to spread the song of the country around the world. She has been working with musicians in foreign countries.

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