Thursday , January 21 2021

Walton's flagship smartphone, Primo Exclusive Market

Walton's flagship smartphone 'Prima Zoof' & # 39; According to Walton, the 6 GB Ram made in this country is the first smartphone of Ram. & # 39; Made in Bangladesh & # 39; by the company's own design and technology. The tag is available in the online retail store, which includes Walton Plaza, Brand and Retail Outlet.
Asifur Rahman Khan, head of the Walton cellular phone sales division, said that the phone of Primo Zephov model was built in Walton DG-tech Industries at the Moon of the Giripura. The phone was pre-ordered last month. Walton's special gift to get pre-order with free datas for rural phone users
The blue slim smartphone is priced at Rs 24, 999. This phone has a one-year regular warranty with a 30-day instant transfer guarantee. Grameenphone users can be called & # 39; Primeriffeed & # 39; Special data offers on smartphones. After entering the SIM card, they will get 6 GB internet free. In addition to buying a phone, in the next three months you can take 4 GB internet data up to 99 for 30 days.

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