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Where this is publicly contradicting


The Chittagong-15 constituency, Satkania and Lohagara, is known as the foundation of everything. After independence, the Awami League won in 1973 and 2014. In the eight constituencies remaining in the 9th Parliament, BNP, Caste and Jamaat candidates are the winners.

In the 2001 elections, Narendra Modi was fielded in 299 seats. But Chittagong-15 BNP, Jamaat is open to contestants. Jamaat Shah Jahan Chaudhary defeated the chairman of the standing committee of the BNP, Ali Ahamed, That is why the distance to BNP's distant Olhi Ahsan is growing. At one point, the BNP passed away and formed a new party. Besides, the BNP could not take Jamaat confident.

In the next elections, the Awami League 18 fares were bought. Seven buyers bought BNP form. Former MPs of Jamaat have collected nomination forms.
Awami League nominee Abu Raza Mohammed Nassmoodin was elected on January 5, 2014 in the Nadwi constituency. But rival Bangladeshi Nationalist Front (BNF) candidate Zainal Abedin Kadri was the candidate.

Most of the leaders and workers of the Apache Whamy League are the current MPs. Abu Resa makes a dispute with Nadev. BNP's separatist alliance with the Jamaat is again part of the alliance. On the other hand, the confrontation with former Jamaat-e-Islami MPs is now public opinion.

Boat boat
The Awami League was named as 18 of these seats. All seven are in the campaign. The current MP, Abu Resa Nadvi, Awami League Central Committee Deputy Amityal Islam Amin, Upazila Awami League President MA Mottel, Former President of BTL Central Committee Moyinuddin Hassan Chowdhury, former President of Chittagong Press Club, Roopali Bank Director Abu Sufyan , Chittagong South District Awami League Vice President, AKM. Sirajul Islamic Chaudhry and Independent Doctor's Council (CCP) Central Committee Secretary A M. Minjaj Rehman.
MLA Abu Raza Nadwi said that in parliamentary sector three days a week, leaders and workers will be given time to the public. After Independence, an MP from Satkania-Lohagara could not develop a region like me. I have implemented a plan to implement a Rs 2,000 crore development project. In addition, I did a lot of development work at Fasslula Foundation. & # 39;
The relatives of the MM River belongs to Jamaat-Shibir. Therefore, Awami League can not accept him. They are not together in the Awami League.
Aminsul Islam, the deputy secretary and publicity secretary of the Awami League Central Committee, said: "I'm playing politics in the Awami League for a long time and I think the people in the area will get a nomination.
Rupali Bank Director Abu Sufyan said that nomination for 2014 is to be nominated. I will ask you again.
Awami League president MAA Satyaania said that while NaviVP MP was an Awami League leader and I had not been in contact with the workers. He said. We have been invited to meetings and gatherings to call him. & # 39;
AMMMinjur Rahman, Organizing Secretary, Central Committee, said. "I worked for Nadwi in difficult times in 2014 and played a role in choosing him in Parliament, but it was not a matter of the leaders and workers of the organization.

The contradiction in the BNP
BNP is divided into three categories in Satkania-Logaraga. BNP has acquired seven forms here. All four participated in the campaign. They are hoping for BNP to nominate banners, posters and festivals. Shaikh Mohammed Mohiyuddin, Senior Vice President of BNP, BTP General Secretary Mujibur Rahman, Chittagong South District BNP Publicity Secretary Nasmul Mostaaf Amin and Joint Secretary Abdul Gafar Chowdhury.
Party sources said, the BNP program does not celebrate here for long. All are silly about the attack and Kesi. Due to the party's crucifixion, the nomination papers are not in good standing.
Leaders and activists believe that the BNP supporters will not vote for the Jamaat seat as the candidate of the 20th party. Because the BNP does not have the Jamaat here.
Sheikh Mohammed Mohduddin, vice president of Chittagong South District BNP said, "I work for a green signal of the party." He said the team's acceptance of tensions and the team is normal to the big team.
"I once was in jail in politics," said Mujib Rehman, former general secretary of the Sadakanian. Local BNP He said the voters were not in favor of Jamaat. Because of the tension, Jama'at's position will not continue.

Conflict of Jamaat
Jamaat's Shah Jahan Chowdhury won the elections from 1991 to 2001. Jamaat Arms Shamsul Islami won in 2008. Recently, NMMC Shamsul has been declared the party candidate for the party. Shajahan Chaudhary demands to announce party candidate in social media. Besides, there have been long disputes with these two former MPs.
Many of the leaders of the first Jamaat said that Shah Jahan Chowdhury built the Satkania-Lohagarh seat. Nominate for this seat. Shamsul Islam with Shajahan Chowdhury created a distance to maintain his position and collected the nomination form nominated for the constituency in the constituency.
Chittagong South District Amir Zafar Zadak, Jamaat-e-Islami, is an NM Shamsul Islam from the Chittagong-15 constituency. Shahjahan Chowdhury has been asked to select a seat in Chittagong city.

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