Sunday , August 7 2022

Young people in the Apple store filled with cassettes with bathtub


One of the latest iPhone models to buy the iPhone XS is a bathtub in the store, a young man but he was not alone with the bathtub. In store, nearly 3 lakh kilograms of bathtubs came to the store and came to the store.

The Russian blogger Vitilov Kovelko has been reported to have removed the scam. It is reported that the bathroom sold in Russian ruble coins 1,300 euros. Kalmam is busy with these coins, and Apple employees have not abandoned the presence of cameras and other shoppers in the store.

An Apple store official said that Bathtub Retail is coming before bringing Vitazlaw Covelo here. He said he was coming to buy the XS by using a bittab filled coins. But it's & # 39; joke & # 39; I felt like that.

Cmushina said, "Do not buy rose every day in the buyer's store!"

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