Monday , May 17 2021

Zia & # 39; Bejgarjan & # 39; on the screen in January. And & # 39; Vijaya & # 39; Beadyews24

Jaiya is a film directed by West Bengal producer Kaushik Ganguly & # 39; Bachajna & # 39; The Indian Bengali film has reached an unprecedented height. National Film Award-winning film Jaya gets Best Female Debut Award and awards

After such success, producer Kaushik Ganguly made the film's & # 39; Vijaya & # 39; Has created a sequel. The film will release the new year in January. The film has shown interest in releasing the film together in Bangladesh and India.

The producer and owner of Madhumita Hall, Ikhtakkor Uddin Naushad, has initiated the release of the movie under the treaty. He has already said that under the contract, he will be seen in the film & # 39; Bisjan & # 39; Will import However, Naushad could not determine the date of the film's release.

He said to Glitz, "The date for the film's release has not yet been fixed on the basis of many problems and the forthcoming elections, but hopefully the movie will be released soon after the election. At the same time, in two weeks, the 'Bijoya' film We have also taken initiative to look at the sequel to 'abandoned debt'. The talk with the producer has already been decided, now the rest of the formalities. "

On 4 January January 4, the Calcutta film 'Bijoya & # 39; Will present. Recently, Jaya took part in the unveiling of the post at the release of the movie in Calcutta.

About the film, she said, "Uncertainty is a movie that is closer to my life. Padma Nasir Ali, Ganesh Mandal – every character is still in the mind of a bright Bengali, but some stories are not closed suddenly, so the Padma, Nasir Ali, Ganesh Mandal Coming back to the big screen again, I believe, 'Bijoya' is the name of 'Bijarjan'.

& # 39; Biswaran & # 39; The story of where the story ended, the place & # 39; Bejaiah & # 39; Started from & # 39; Bejaiah & # 39; What is it, its realization is found in the newly discharged trailer.

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