Tuesday , March 2 2021

10:10 – The total number of yellow whales in Phuille blocked


Saturday morning, "yelan vesrrels" (Feluy (in Hainaut) prevents access to the entire site. The possibility of malnourished fuel oil, the company says. Marttininre area of ​​the site was launched on Friday, sthalattettiyappealan block the police. Dozens of protesters pratisedhikkunnatinitayilum increase in fuel prices, the distribution of accidents. Continued When there is resort to barriers, pay periodic penalty payments intervened jamyapeksakal meattamalinre according to the request. "We do not have fuel to reduce the risk of congenital malformations," a spokesman told Agence Belgaum, and the total of the group. "Analysis of the situation is steadily, and we do not have a complete balance sheet so far, but we will change vehicles Staff should not, tirakkukayumilla pumps to stimulate the pampukalilekk. "He added. The same name was inspired by the initiative taken by citizens to organize in France," yellow dress "- the theoretical karinnupeakunna vahanakkar fuels – would like to express their dissatisfaction with vilavard'dhanayeate petroleum products. The protesters had to leave for more than an hour in the tournament Saturday. (Belgae)

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