Monday , May 17 2021

58 new cases registered in Algiers in the first half of 2018

Algeria – Head of Health Services and Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Berkky Zakag Nadia, Health Department Directorate of AIDS, Twenty-eight (58) new cases were registered.

On Tuesday, APS said Tuesday that 58 new cases of HIV positive people of different ages, including 14 cases of foreign citizenship, were registered in the first half of 2018, which had 82 cases registered in the same period last year. As part of the preparation of International AIDS Day, Burki Matches December 1.

According to the same official, most patients are considered infectious diseases at the level of services, knowing that these central services are rich in various pharmaceutical products and are monitored by their specialized medical and paramedical staff.

In order to take care of the HIV Positive people, to conduct an essential analysis for the discovery of this disease, more than 5000 people visited three reference centers open at volunteer level of Volunteer Eligiers.

More specifically, the person charged by the charge mentioned various hospitals and laboratories of the Wilayah Public Hospitals (EHH), the analysis ensures that it is possible to proceed with the screening of the virus, as well as the control of blood donation.

In addition to discovering at the end of this disease, there is still a ban on the society, Dr. Borkyck has said that keeping secrecy in particular among gay and drug addicts is a real problem for doctors to charge these diseases. Patients remember that the recorded rate does not reflect the true epidemic situation.

He emphasized the free provision of health services, including antiviral medicines and care, for the benefit of HIV positive people, without any discrimination between Elevator or foreign citizens, and the National Strategic Plan against AIDS (2016-2020) in the framework of this program, as well as To strengthen efforts to overcome this epidemic, in this regard, during the registration, 2017, 202 new cases of AIDS in the algiers were registered.

She also remembered that on December 1, World AIDS Day was celebrated, everyone had the opportunity to reach the main goal of the world without HIV / AIDS. This day also helps to increase awareness about the disease and its risks.

In this regard, the same officer took into account Algiers's commitment to fight the pandemic and to maintain the national HIV / AIDS program and the priorities set out in the national strategic plan.

In addition, the Health and Population Department (DSP) will participate in the study day organized by the Department of Health, Sofitel Hotel, on December 2, in collaboration with Representative of the United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) in Population and Hospital Reform, Elegiers, "May I have screened and you did? Workshops and meetings to increase awareness about the risks of this disease As part of the Sunny Series, she gave a conclusion.

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