Wednesday , January 27 2021

A millennial jerk is the name of the commentary on the lecture and his commentary


Le milliardaire japonais and futur tourists de l'espace Yusaku Maezawa is a record-breaking lecture from the lecture on the lecture, and a message from the prominent plus 8.000 euros for certaines.

Le quadragénaire avait publication of a message in a tweet from a million people (such as 8.061 euros) to the 100s followers of a different type of message and the message of the child's son is the same.

En dépassant lundi après-midi 5,55 millions of retweet, son message from place to class in mondial tweets, plus entrepreneur, selon's entrepreneur.

"Nouveau records the match. J'ai dépassé le record Twitter d 'nombre de retweet (jūsqu'alors de 3,55 million) and continuously retrieved", a well-known Yusaku Maezawa sur son compte.

The record is set in 2017 by a teenager, with an annual retirement age of about $ 200 million, the offer is at the restaurant Wendy's.

En octobre dernier, Yusaku Maezawa avoir annoncé avoir acheté a ticket for espace d'un montant gardé secret, in a space of 2023, SpaceX d'Elon Musk fest.

Cet is a former president of BFR, the SpaceX is set to train in Los Angeles, as well as the artist's choir choisira lui-même.

Yusaku Maezawa, 18 years ago, was awarded a two-year salary of $ 2 million for the first time in the magazine, Zozotown.

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