Tuesday , February 7 2023

Adil Rami Monte's anger after his former Pamela allegations: "He goes too far and is unjust"


From the beginning of the week, we report that the summer of summer started very bad for a couple created by the French international, Adil Rami and his girlfriend Pamela Anderson. Indeed, on Tuesday, former actor Alert Malibu confessed that he has finally discovered with defender Marseille that he "takes the lead of double life"

French, touched on the fact that the breakdown of the breakdown on these social networks was defended by saying: "It is true that I should be more transparent about this vague relationship." She had a relationship with her two children, Sido Bimont's mother.

Later he has also posted a mysterious message in which he talks about Adil's relationship.

After this melodrama was given by Pamela Anderson, who liked to publish Sido's blog with her secret letters. These missivis testify to the morality of two companions, who do not know the existence of another relationship with Adil.

The football player has once again come out of his silence to express dissatisfaction with the words of his former American girlfriend, who has accused him of being violent. Adil has published a picture of a caption, with a visible appearance in them: "All of them, I have no choice, sorry, I am silent because I feel shocked and it is very difficult to speak without interpreting words." I have lots of things on my heart, I'm going to make it simple and super clear and as I said I'm not going to comment about the details of our lives with Pamela, I will tell you that these allegations of violence are completely false. And I do not let it go, I'm pretty bad. "

"Those who know me who I am and what my values ​​are, they know that it is impossible and I can not, if she wants to choose me, she knows that women are something that is committed to women because of violence That's really important to me, the unity of the people I've met and the fight I respect so much, it's really disgusting. "

"Then I respect the decision of the association, it hurts me but I respect it. But lying to have a good relationship with her ex and her children is one thing, but to use falsehood about the violence to hurt me, it is a thing It is very distant and it is unfair, again I will not leave these false accusations unanswered to me and my family. This is all very serious. I said And the heart of what I say, give me a chance to stay in place in the future. "

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