Monday , March 20 2023

Arsenal and Leverkusen are eligible, AC Milan should work


The Europa League will meet in the next round Thursday on a balanced side against the Argentine Football (0-0). At the same time, beer levers is their ticket-fluctuator, Zurich (1-0). Swiss will be involved in the fight when defeated. Andrews, Andrews, and Benias (Milan) were dislodged (1-1). They need to wait in the 16th finals of the competition.

Group A: Leverkusen, Zürich will see the next round

A victory and two happiness. Bayern Lehkusen is back with a superb display of turbocharged by German Superstar Superstar Tin Jedvaj. However, both teams qualified to play seven in front of the two teams between Bulgaria's Ludoors and AEKLerna. Europa League. At one end, they benefited Germany against defeating their defeat in Switzerland (3-2) two weeks before. Using two points on the clock, Clauudius keseru and the cypriots have been stolen to their colleagues.

Group B: Salzburg continues, Celtic reench

Red Bull Salzburg returned to Norway after the first successful victory. Rogenberg, a former team led by Japanese tucummin, is in the draw with a reactionary opponent's opponent 4-0. With this victory, the Austrians have correctly confirmed their ticket in the rest of the competition. For that they have only one point left. The case would have worsened if the RB Leopzig fell to Celtic Park (2-1). Jean Kevin Augustine won the match for Germany (78). Odense eduarded to succeed Scott. (79).

Group C: Dummy and Status Quo

Bordeaux and Seniet St. Petersburg were in a neutral stand (1-1), while Slavya Pragati and Copenhagen made a good performance at Eden Arena (0-0). As a result, the Russians and the Checkers disagree, but in the end the jerons can believe it …

Group D: This goes for DNA or Zagreb

Thanks to Matthew Wolfena's thankful Fenerbahce this good work earlier this Thursday, Dnomemo Zagreb finished work. In Croatia's home against Tronova, the Croatian calmly calmed down (3-1). This is the fourth victory in many games, the French Kevin Théophile-Catherine team's teams agree on their ticket at the knockout stage.

Group E: Attract Arsenal, get Qualified

In the first half, when the hardest part in Portugal, Along with Alexander Laseet, Gators, Matteyo Gwayandausi, 0-0 against the team to get a deserved salary on Thursday night. At the same time, successors win and reclaim the Kharabag in Warangal, however, the Lucitians who qualify for the second qualifiers have a good option.

Group F: Olympiakos cards rebates

Finally, Andesia, Betis Sevilla, AC Milan Competitions (1-1) and Josana Lo Selso (10th) replied: If this victory of the Quit Sittin men will be the semi-finals of Ginaro Gatüsso to play in Greece on the sixth day of Europa League. Of course, the Olympics and Dudleung (5-1) dominated. The double Constantinos Fortunes and the Italians gained equal points.

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