Sunday , May 9 2021

Ballon d'Or: World Champion Still Doubled By The Moderator?


World Champion – Antoni Griesman, Killien Maobpe, Raphael Varano – Can It Be A Ballon d'Or? Not sure

Victims of Real Madrid campaign for spreading views and Luca Moderca, later they can take the Monday night's ultimate personalized trophy in Paris.

In an interview with AFP in October, Paul Pogba hoped "with all his heart" that Ballon will return to his partner World Champion: "He + Grizo + (Antonio Grisman), Killer (Mbappé) or Raft" Rafael Varano), they are far more eligible. "

Just like the three blues disappointed on Monday night, soon after 22:00 French (21H00 GMT), a gala presented by the winner David Ginola will be announced in the evening. There were warning signs. So far, John Cryfah's fraudulent Croatian Croatia has won everything by losing to the French in the World Cup final: Russia's best player of the tournament, UEFA Player and FIFA of the past season.

However, Brian is the only player to win the last Champions League – Real Madrid, where the developments in the middle and world cup have grown. But there is a little media exposure in the position of the Defender, and we should go back to the 2006 Fiono Cannavaro politics with the player, who will see the later lines drawn by the player.

"It will make a covenant"

"It is clear that the offending players give more fun and joy to the public because they (they)" have a wonderful gesture and they "make goals goals", Lorent Blanc comments, who himself played the post of the match. "He can explain that in addition to aliens in the world of football, Ronaldo, Messi, like players, have shared the last 10 Ballons D & # 39;.

"Well, the season with Real Madrid is excellent, we can not do better, are you going to pick it up? I want," in front of the former PSG coach La in front of the Plate beside the event of Les Etôs du Play. As a reminder, 180 journalists from around the world voted from 9 October to 9 November.

Choosing between three French contenders to choose from is a handicap for the blue camp. "It should be that there should be a contract between three French this year, which says that it is for him that we should vote because there is a risk of neutralizing the modal favor", the former head of Lap Blues's emblematic press, Philip Turan, has been named Channel L Epep An explanation was given on.

"Clubs know how to drive"

Because the Croatian has benefited from machine real. "Clubs know how to drive, as Real Madrid often performs for Cristiano Ronaldo, now he is not there (campaign for Juventus' party) and real-time campaign," said Ramie Lacombie, head of editor France football, prize of the prize Organizer, on the Chequae Channel.

"I put all the ingredients on my side to win the Golden Ball. Afterwards, I can not vote in place of people!", PSP of AFP Star Kellyan Mbabpe said that compared to the king, Pelé was in the world-2012.

Anyone who does not have a Ballon d'Or at 20 years of age on 20 December, will run 20 years on December 20, with a new prize, the Copa Trophy was also awarded on Monday night by France Football. This award is for the best player at the age of 21 on the Ballon D'Oer 33 winners, including Dennis Law, Franz Baconboor, Michel Platin, Jean-Pierre Papin, Marco Van Bastan, Zinedine Zidane. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

Apart from Justin, son of Möpppe, Hausem Auer (Leon) and Patrick Klüvevert, this summer Ajax Amsterdam has been running AS. Roma had spent 19 years, 10 of these awards were chosen.

This year, another novelty, women's golden ball on the basis of 45 journalists' votes. Brazilian legend Marta (Orlando) and Parnell Harder (Wolfsburg), Eda Hagerburgh (Leon), Wendy Rainard (Leon) and Amandin Henry (Leon) are among the 15 selected players.

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