Monday , March 20 2023

Bani-Ebola: A group of respondents have been suspended after ADFi attack


On November 17, all field work was suspended. The Emergency Operations Center was closed. All the teams stayed in their hotel.

On Friday evening, 16 November 16, an armed insurgent group attacked the Bokin district in an attempt to carry out an attack on Monticosos Bases of the Revenuezori Commune in the city of Beni. The peace agreements soon responded and the revolutionary groups were turned away after several hours of struggle. Ebola's emergency surgery is just a few meters away from the center, with several teams of responses.

The violence that has caused the revenge of the people of Benin is Dr. Oli eLuna denies Kalega. Slows the efforts of response groups to end the Ebola outbreak. The second is dangerous, especially Benin, national and international teams are still active in the population.

Ebola's reaction to Beni in the northern Kiev province is to drive the provocative allies of the alliance partner Democrat Forces (ADF).

The commencement of communicable diseases is 358 cases. Of these, 311 were confirmed and 47 were possible. A total of 216 Ebola deaths have been reported. Of these, 166 have been confirmed and 47 are likely. As part of the investigation, 57 persons are being questioned. Six new cases were confirmed Saturday. Four Beni, Katwa One, Kulungutta, One, Beni Two and Katwa are the three cases. However, more than 31,000 people have resisted the epidemic from the beginning of epidemics.
The geographical vaccination aimed at the village of Caningga will be closed down in the health field of Kalingut. A broad targeted geographical blockquality, including many houses, or a village or district, is more likely to be vaccinated than a conventional belt vaccination. Contact.

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