Monday , May 29 2023

Bercocontrol will be replaced by Air Traffic Controller Scissors


The body with an Air Traffic Control does not exist in Belgium, Belgium. He announced Wednesday night that he will change his name and become Thursday skis. An autonomous public sector company celebrates 20 years of survival this year. This anniversary and its new corporate culture gives benefits to change its identity.

In 1998, Belgiocontrol was developed when Reggio Voice Ayeros became an autonomous public company. It is 100% of the federal structure, but works in a completely free way. It ensures airport safety over airports in national and local airports, in the Belgian air travel area and overflight. Air Traffic Controller handled 20 million flights over the past 20 years.

His new name "Eyes and view of air traffic controllers on airplanes refer to scuses. But this indicates how the company looks at people: passengers, customers, shareholders"The company says.

Berrcocontrol is listening to their interests and desires all of their departments. "Skeyes look forward to the future: the firm's stable future to ensure air traffic aggregation"She adds.

The managing director of the organization Johann Dukkuri, which is really important in the history of the name change. "We are now facing challenges: we must stay in the international rebellion of air traffic control. However, I'm convinced that we are armed in this future"He says.

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