Saturday , February 4 2023

Bergerac: Dengue is diagnosed in the hospital, which treats the district tiger mosquito


Due to Dengue fever, a patient who was admitted to Samuel-Joshi Hospital in Bergen, between 14 and 19 June, was infected. Accordingly, A mosquito control operation in the hospital district Initial implementation will come Tuesday, July 2From 5 to 6 o'clock, the Entomological Survey Potential Vectors of Tigers Confirms the Presence of Tigers.

The person would have Contaminated during the stay in AfricaAccording to our data, Chikungunya, Dengue and Zyca's Anti-Proliferation Plans' Protocol is applicable to the removal of tiger mosquito treatment.

According to a statement from the Regional Health Agency, Prefecture and the Dordogne Department, Interdepartmental Enamment Day mosquito (EID) Mediterranean team will intervene on Tuesday morning, "In the case of dengue, to avoid the risk of transmission of viruses on the assumption that this person was spoiled by stalking the purpose of removing mosquitoes."

It is a vehicle path and, for more targeted therapies, on foot and through portable devices, it will be sprayed Insecticide, Including the Boulevard Albert-Celtm in the hospital and Joachim-du-Belle and Ambrose-Perene streets.

This area has been defined for intervention of mosquito control unit on Tuesday morning
This area has been defined for intervention of mosquito control unit on Tuesday morning

Photo credit: Bergerac city

The statement states that "the use of daltamethrine used in this treatment is 1 dose per hectare, very low dosage." "This treatment, which is applied in very limited space, is a fully controlled intervention To comply with the instructions, there is no specific risk Broadcast and Distribution to Residents in the Region ".

"Go home and close the public road close windows and keep them closed for one hour", "stand on the machine", "laundry, children's toys or food that will be found out", "animals (dogs, cats … ) To "remove or save their vessel", "Waiting for three days, after consumption, operation of kitchen garden and fruits" is recommended. Spray

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