Thursday , June 8 2023

Bipartop strike: Union Front



The strike will end on November 7 after the company's total takedown.

The trade union front, bpost's management announced on Monday, 21st before, that they have reached a definite agreement "to restore confidence and prioritize employees' welfare". During the lunch time in the presence of Obama CEO Coon Van Garner, he intervenes after a marathon day discussion.

The unions agreed to end the strike on Monday evening. Passport service station closed at 10 pm on Tuesday at the post office, call center and administrative service and red box work.

The pre-contract will be presented to employees this Tuesday

This action certainly proved to be on the debate on the very first day of the strike that began on Wednesday. "Afternoon, the suspension of the measures nirttivaccatinettutarnn parties to the conversation continued. Atmavisvasamuntayittum, signed a contract with niraverrunnatinumunp expectations of employees in terms of workload. This is an important foundation for future projects and to ensure the well-being of the workers of bpost. The action of various social partners and their representatives tomorrow The company to receive the honor. 2019-2020 period strictly adhere to it again very soon sign a collective agreement, "said union leaders.

The terms of this pre-contract, so you do not have to inform them about the staff at Stafford on Tuesday.

Livelihood, Workload, Difficulty

"This is a contract that can be defended," said Mark de Mulder, head of the SLF Union. "It has two parts, perhaps one third and one of the first priorities."

There is absolutely no doubt that such a move is the hiring of the postmanners' hire and the process of linking them into the thick work. Thus pay, salary, and difficulties can solve problems. Unions.

The trade union official reports that the strike action has been suspended but does not stop. Trade unions have resorted to the re-activation of this weapon if the success of the negotiations in the second part or the immediate steps taken by BPost management are actually applied to this sector.

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