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Brassell's attack: Parliament should have been given compensation


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The opposition and the government attacked the head on Wednesday to compensate victims of terror attacks. Issued by: A Bill draft proposed that the inquiry commission's recommendations on the terrorist attacks on March 22, 2016 would not be sufficiently encouraged. This text, presented in March, is part of a complex tool and is currently being discussed in the Justice Committee.

A conversion to the insurance sector has been ensured in 2007 by law, terrorist acts (bombings, firearms, etc.), and location attack.

However, this text is not recognized by the Government. Many comments are still waiting. The Minister for Economic Affairs Chris Peters has not been substantially excluded.

The project is based on the intervention of the insurers. The aim of these victims is to target and speed up cases. Especially forgetting a cascade system (job accidents, family responsibility, public guarantee fund) to prevent certain victims.

Full restriction is imposed for full controls: 50 people (eg, hundreds of victims in March 22) and 200 million euros (about $ 114 million for insurance claims on March 22). The maximum amount of compensation is € 1.2 billion. But these dimensions are unheard of for Mr. Peters (CD & V).

In June, a constitutional court approved a draft bill by former expert Paul Paul Martin's investigation commission. The Opposition joined Wednesday.

"I am angry with the government's proposal, and takes full interest in what we have decided on the offensive committee," said MP. Loretti Angleksky said.

The Opposition wants to prevent victims from facing private insurance and refusing to compensate them. In his eyes, the attacks are aimed at the state, so its responsibilities are to be taken. In the background, the French system of special funds is designed to compensate victims of terrorism.

"We do not feel like there's a law prepared by Asparalia here," blamed Georges Dalamagne (cdH).

"Those who think we can copy and pasture the French system are wrong," said Peters. I did not taste the critics. "Something incredible is the speed the system utilizes."

The compensation will be paid to French model, European Commission president Jean Claude Junker and special couple special adviser Joyle Milquet. The French administration is in the sin of its administrative cost and its cost to believe the state. "How should this system be fed?" Francis taxes every tax policy, "says Justice Cain Gains.

The finance minister will continue his discussions with the project. He promised to see the linkage of the victims.

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