Tuesday , October 26 2021

Brussels: 230 offenses in low emissions zones


Laws of Low Emission Zone in Brussels were awarded approximately 230 penalty to the broken motorists. The effect will increase till 1 January. In four months, the number of crimes would have dropped by 85%.

P.In Brussels, 230 people were punished for violating the rules of the emission zone. It is clear from the figures compiled by Brussels taxation and the administration of the two Brussels responsible for LEZ has moved forward to the Brussels environment.

Between October 1 and October 31, an average of 286,000 vehicles (cars and vans) were "flashed" once the LEZ camera; Motorists were fined 228, who entered the territorial territory with the vehicle, which was highly polluted and unauthorized. Penalty amount: 350 euros 40% of the folks worry Brussels residents, the other 60% are vehicles registered in Belgium.

Reduce crime?

The message of low emissions zone seems to be entering into mind: While 240 cases were detected every day on the first day of new provisions, at the end of this month, the number rose to 40 in October. And again: In these crimes, three-quarter "repetitive offenders" are done, which does not receive the second invitation to pay after the penalty, can be applied only in a quarter.

At the same time, for broadcasting a day in Brussels, for the payment of 35 euros, 953 were called abusive (especially for the ancestors), as well as 68 passes were requested.

For foreign vehicles, related services were registered 42,500 online; Cars mainly from the Netherlands, France and Germany. Reminder: Non-registration is penalized by a fine of 150 euros. Brussels authorities should end by the end of the year to abolish the registration requirement for French and Dutch vehicles with France and the Netherlands.

Criterion Reinforcement

These statistics show that Brussels is entering the Low Emissions Zone technical break-in phase. It's time: LEZ will go high gear with Euro 2 diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles restriction without Euro 2 standard and Euro 1 standard the following year.

By the end of the year, the current provisions of 2,300 Brussels and 805 non-Brussels vehicles are concerned. From next January, 17,056 Brussels vehicles and 8,772 non-Brussels residents will be barred from staying in Brussels. Probably a little less than the car fleet gradually renewed. To find alternative restrictions, owners of newly restricted vehicles will benefit from the three-month transition period. During this period, the drivers related to the standards and those within the LEZ will not get a penalty, but only a warning will be found.

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