Thursday , July 7 2022

Burton (3-2) Dart has been the championship after a mad game


Overseas championships

How many matches between Boursea Dortmund and Bayern Munich!

In the first half, Levantoski Bayen led.

On the pencil returned to the locker room. Later, Buenos Aires again was not alarmed at Lvivdowski. It lost 2-2 points to both Alice and Alaskar.

Riaz puts off a century from left side and again signaled to Indu Park's 67th spot (2-2).

Later, Baton Baton Whitel was in the process of launching the Alcatel model. At the outskirts of the offside, Spain scored a score of 72: 3-2. The advantages of the Marcionos were the first to share.

At the last moments, Lavandowski was able to give the strike, but his goal was canceled and canceled.

The referee game ended, and Dortmund's stadium was astonished. Fauve players stand up with 7 points above their opponents, their Dolphin 4: Borussia Monchenglabb.

Watch video of Giovanni – Napolee 20:30

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