Saturday , September 24 2022

Carrefour remembers one product for possible presence of salmonella



Supermarket chain Carrefour announced on Monday that the cheese, raw milk release "Reflelet de France", due to the possible presence of Somonella.

In order to withdraw milk from the sale of milk, Fifher de la Tarnet decided to take the decision with the Afsca (Federal Agency for the Protection of Food Chains) and "as a Precaution". Raw is sold in the cream section of several Carrefour stores in Belgium.

All products have been removed from the sale. Some, however, have been sold before the withdrawal measures in the Belgian market. So it is recommended that people who question the cheese do not use it. Customers can report it at the place of sale where the product will be returned.

Salmonella-related food infections in gastrointestinal disorders often come with fever within 12 to 72 hours after the use of contaminated products. These symptoms can increase in young children, immune systems and old age. Those who have used the review and who have these symptoms are advised to consult their doctor by informing them of this usage.

Description of the product: French cheese, AOP review, refined dairy 450 g of raw milk

Usage timeline: 30-11-2018

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