Saturday , June 10 2023

Champions League: Manchester United are playing against Old Ladies without United Lookout, at the Faleini Bench (at 9pm)


Champions League

José Mourinho is unlikely to stay with Romelu Lukuku for the trip he missed in Juniens.

Attacker Red Devils No training has been issued since last Friday. There was no presence against Barnemem in Leen,Monsanto " His non-selection selection does not specify its intensity because of the famine of the week before. "He's not available to this competition, we do not know on Sunday"At the Portuguese press conference, there is no doubt that the role of the devil is involved in the Derby. Do not forget good news: Return to the Marine Falayin industry.

Another was injured in the devil's thigh. Not started in October. So it's a function to play at least a few minutes.

The oldest lady is in the first place in the group. Red Devils pressure with 4 points. In this tragedy to tour.

Compo Juventus: The Escazse – Alex Sadaro – Chittailini – Bonusi – Siglio – Pajen – Bentangank – Qedara – DiBala – Ronaldo – Kudado

Compo Manchester United: De Gay – Young – Sminging – Lindloff – Shah – Adder Hererea – Mathi – Bogba – Lynwood – Alexis Sanchez – Marshall

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