Sunday , May 9 2021

Changes made on 1st December

Gas price down

Due to the consideration of the Commission on Energy Regulation (CRE) on November 22, 2018, the rate of gas decreases by 2.4% on average. Due to the continuous 7-month increase, the rate decreases, however, for most consumers, it changes to cumulative growth of 19%, that is, the heat on the heating heat. In detail, 1.5% for cooking gas, 1.5% for cooking and hot water, 2.4% for heating and 2.7% for small boiler room. Reduction in imported prices has led to a reduction in gas prices, which consumes 99% of natural gas in France.

Condoms backed by health insurance

From December 10, a condom box (in box of 6, 12 or 24) can be returned by a health insurance upon prescription presented by a doctor or midwife. This measure is intended to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections (HIV / AIDS, viral hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, clemædia). Eden brand produced by the French Laboratory only supports condoms. Based on the sale price of Euro box of 1.30 euros, 2.60 euros and 24 boxes of 5.20 euros, they will be given 60% returns. This announcement was made on Tuesday, November 27th. Health Minister on the microphone of France Inter, is a part of the fight against the repetition of sexually transmitted infection, called EDN, the first condom filled by social security has been started by the Mazurles Laboratories. This brand is only available in pharmacy. "This is a great quality latex condom –

Announcement of Revenue

On December 18th, you can modify your 2018 tax return through the "Refine Your Tax Return" service available on the website. Once "time limit" has passed, then it is possible for you to submit a claim on the tax office. Even here, the request can be made online through the mailbox of your private area.

Compulsory registration of condominium on national registration

If the Condominiums with more than 200 homes have completed this process in 2016, and with 50 to 200 lots of people in 2017, with 50 fewer people, it is up to December 31. Generally, the trust is normally in the national register of condominium registers, or in the recent co-ownership case, to proceed in the notary.

The United States and Israel leave UNESCO

From the start of UNESCO's activities, the Human Rights Council has given 78 recommendations to the Jewish state for its role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is more than all the other states of the world. ! Obviously this is the United States and Israel's denial of its greatest support. Together they decided to leave the international organization on December 31, 2018!

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