Friday , January 15 2021

Charlotte and Prostate Cancer: Studies and Coal For Projects

During the Senate oral verbal session on Tuesday, Guadeloupe's Senator Dominique Theophile asked the government about the link between pesticide contact and prostate cancer and its validity. Professional Disease.

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"During his visit to the West Indies in late September, the President of the Republic recognized the land of Martinique and Guadeloupe as an environmental scandal by Charlocon, for which the state should take part in its responsibility", Introduced in the parliamentary conference before asking about the study of the discovery of pesticide and many linkages between prostate cancer in the West Indies. "Sad record in this regard".

In the absence of Agnes Bujin, it is Christy Dubois, Secretary of State Solidarities and Health Minister, who recalled the management of Charlcon Plan 3 for the first time by the government. She later suggested that after its first study in 2010, its results were known, another one is currently held "The effects of Claudéckon's contact in Evolution of prostate cancer, according to therapeutic pathways, in Guadeloupe, and if possible, in Martinique".

Call for the first half yearly projects of 2019?

The state secretariat later suggested that the National Cancer Institute was seized in April 2018 "Researching the possibility of establishing a study to answer the question of link between chlardacon exposure and prostate cancer" And "Configure Call Launches for Projects". "A committee of international experts was gathered and the case was made in December on the creation of an interdisciplinary research program on topics including"Christine Duboose said. These proposals are currently being analyzed "Call for Projects will be launched in the first half of 2019".

Regarding work on the recognition of prostate cancer and pesticide-related occupational diseases, it was further confirmed that Insarm and ANSex were seized last April and should be given expertise. "In the first half of 2019".

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