Sunday , May 16 2021

Christmas magic revives the historic toy store in New York

After three years of closing, the Iconic FAO Schwarz Toy Store has reopened its doors in New York, which passes through the Big Apple Navy residents and visitors a few weeks before Christmas.

"The place has changed, but the spirit and the magic are still there" Enthusiasts came to Anna, New York teenage store strap

Now in Manhattan, only every step of the big Christmas tree overlooking the Winter Rockefeller Center Esplanade is closed, although it is three times larger than it was before it closed in 2015.

Earlier, the group's flagship, the film had amassed a huge store of 5,600 square meters "Mom, I missed the plane again." Luxurious 5th Avenue was located near Central Park.

But the new address, which is based on its exterior, historical red and black colors, equipped with the name of the signature in golden letters, reflects the strategy of the new owner, the Thrixty Group, which then takes less confidence in the stores, the former shareholder toys. ; R & # 39; Because of the restricted rent, the previous shop was closed.

A re-opening in New York and a shop organized in Beijing in March, FAO Schwarz – founded by German immigrant in 1862 – is now satisfied with shops in the department stores in the United States and around the world.

Attention to detail

In this context of rationing, New York's world performance has been carefully monitored for attention. The goal is to revive the people who are rushing in the shelves after the visitors are restarted.

"This store's key is customer experience"David Ngigly has led merchandising.

In addition to magic tricks and nail workshops, children can be offered "Accept certificate" Participate in a doll shopping on the spot or in the design of their own teddy bear.

"It's not just that place where I like to buy," Claudia says that with her son Juan Ignacio, this new address from Argentina is going to go to the new address, which did the previous survey.

"It's also a place where I take time to walk around and enjoy the magic around the road" He added

Many times the mechanics seem to be well-oiled by knowing where the customers come out and where to place head inside the extended Barbie radius next to the Maco Building Games. Ravensburger puzzles, and oversized stuffed toys.

"When you shop online, you do not interact with the staff recruited on the theater stage, you do not see characters in the costume, you do not enter the process of accepting dolls. These are unique things," Niggli explains.

45 million on Instagram

In its strategy of reconstruction, FAO Schwartz emerges on the priceless value of digital communication.

Iconic "Dance-On Piano" wide, on which we play on a three-dimensional watch while dancing, the group has adorned everything on "shaky" places, against which visitors take a picture immediately, post the result on the social network .

Gigi Hadid – 45 million subscribers on the Instagram, 9 million on Twitter, and 4.3 million on Facebook, the Dutch-born Dutch model model Gigi Hadid, assigned to the brand, has the greatest power of stars' influence on the Internet. – Drawing of opera soldiers uniform on the entrance of the store on the 49th Street.

The group has also benefited from the beginning of unexpected reinforcement, but weight: its rivals and former owner Toys R & # 39; Recent bankruptcy of

"It's special in this store that it gives very special toys, and the original presentation"Sandy, a Connecticut mother who came mostly to see a replica of "Dance-On Piano", in which Tom Hanx danced in the movie "Big".

"This place is magical … and expensive, but it's New York, and it's okay" She says, laugh.

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