Friday , January 27 2023

Copa América: Peru saves Uruguay on Suarez's failure



Sensation in Salvador! Copa América, the country with most title, Uruguay pulled out quarter-final on Saturday with the removal of the quarter-finals (0-0, 5 Tabs 4), because the penalty shootout was missed by their star Luis Suarez.

Top goal scorer in Celeste's history, with 58 goals, Suarez prevented a poorly adjusted shot from Peru's goalkeeper. It was the first shot of the session.

The rest were all successful and the floor did not pray to send Peru to the semi-finals.

On the menu: "Classico" Pacific, rival and dual titleholder rivals against Chile. The match will take place in the Porto Allegra the next day of the Titans clash between Brazil and Argentina.

In Salvador, Uruguay dominated the game, scored three goals for the offside, but it could be guilty of itself, unable to achieve the opponent, then it is mostly within reach.

By dubbing 5-0 in their last group game against Brazil, Peru chose to find more.

Uruguay struggled to find a place, even if Sullage had kept his head at a center in Wellverde (14th), he would still score a little bit.

Celeste continued to rely on his stars' talent: Suarez infiltrated the surface and served the paw at Palau, but missed the compulsion by sending the ball away from the Parisian goal. She was alone on six meters.

Araracata thought that he found fault (28th), but his goal was rejected for offside positions.

In the Peruvian invasion of the Uruguayan region, Guerrero was alone in the goal, but this ball was unleashed by a clear defeat of the illegal Jimenez (35th).

Peru became more adventurous after the break, leaving more space for Celeste.

In the center-forward position, defender Gordin saw himself in an ideal situation in the area, at Surrej's service, but sent the ball to stand (57 & # 39;).

Cave (58) and Suarez (72) were denied two more goals on the ball and the qualification was played for the third time in the four quarter finals.

Suarez has failed, and Uruguay has been stuck in 15 trophies in Copa América, one more than Argentina's Messi, who still dreams to match it.

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