Monday , August 15 2022

Curtain in the WRC mad season


The Finn Jari-Matti Latawala (Toyota Yewis WCC) won the rally in the final round of the 2018 World Championships. Sebastian Augier (Ford Fiesta WRC) won the Sixth World World Cup.

The M-Sport driver will start a new challenge in Citroen in 2019. It was to keep the title before the start of the final rally before the start of Power Stage. Therie Newville (Hyundai i20 Cooper WRC)Ott Tanak (Toyota Yaris WCC).

Therie NewvilleTwo little mistakes were made on Sunday in the first of three special holidays on Sunday, when they were struck after a few hundred meters in the final phase of the event. The Belgian driver was struck at the suspension. Ott Tanak, And then struggled to win with his classmate Jari-Matti LatawalaIt is copied to the next feature.

Toyota earned second name in the second half of the season. A good performance by remembering that the Japanese team returned to WRC in 2017.

In the final debate of the season, the ArtBF Special Correspondent Olivier Gaspard of Australia talks about the effect of this rally in Australia and includes the lesson from it. Therie Newville And Sebastian Augier.

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