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Diabetes, another reason to consider yourself


This is World Diabetes Day, and Diabetes Rouine-Norda wants to be the pediatrician.

Because Type 1 diabetes is a pancreas, it is glucose in the blood and therefore does not give enough insulin to sugar.

People with insulin often have insulin injection every day. The disease has been detected in childhood or adults.

Due to poor eating habits, poor diet, exercise or socio-economic factors, type 2 diabetes has grown adults.

Rowen-Norda, Anne Mary Trepner, lives in type 1 diabetes for 23 years.

Her illness seems to be a message for her.

"Insulin is always the number one solution, which gives us a stiffer all day, and we need to keep your eyes on sugar and insulin and medications many times a day."

– Anne-Mery Trepanier

Make people who know you as well

Diabetes Rouen-Nord has 240 members. The organization also offers support services for diabetes, conferences, and camps.

Anny-Mary Trepania hopes for a baby in the months to come, and a more complicated pregnancy may be more intensive to control her diabetes.

She said World Day service would be given to raise awareness.

"We really want to let them know about this disease, because as they talk more and more, more people are aware of the disease, [ils] To care for them. It is a fortune to be able to play the best teams in this field. "

– Anne-Mery Trepanier

To mark the day, diabetes Rooney and Nora are invited bravely to wear blue. Because you are invited to share your support and photo with the hash tag # diabeteRN on social networks. Constructs various presents.

The world diabetes day is on November 14, dedicated to Frederick Banding, the scientist who invented the insulin.

On November 16, Rouynorand's Proxim Coat, Goullet, Savard Pharmacy, November 19 will be held two-day scheduling days at the Place Round Table of the BlueSD Pharmacy.

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