Tuesday , August 16 2022

DRC: Cholera kills more than 800 people


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) office, 857 people have been affected since the end of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the end of the year.

These epidemics will increase by awakening of inactive cells in homes registered last year.

Most of the drinking water discharges in the health sector, floods in the water supply system or areas associated with hygiene issues, affected most of the people. World Health Organization.

Out of the 26 provinces in the country, 21 spectrum choles have been reported. The provinces are the Kaziai Oriental, Lomisi Central, Southern Kiwi, Tanganyika and Eastern Katanga in the East.

Last year, 55,000 cases were reported in the DRC that 1,190 people were choled. Everyone was aware of health problems.

By 2020, six million people will be targeted. In 2018, besides the cholera and DRC The tenth blow of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in northern Kivu and Itura provinces.

Ebola killed 212 people since August 1 Beni is attacked by infectious diseases in the city. There is a group of armed gangs in the murder report of the ANF.

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