Sunday , December 5 2021

Eight years later, after a long ill, a young man eats and dies


Responding to a friend from a friend, she had a live slug on the 19-year-old Australian drunkard. Eight years later, he died on Friday after suffering serious illness.

Sam Paallard suffered pain in the leg just a few days later. A doctor visited the doctor and told the parasite worm contract Angostonogongylus canonensis, Into whose larva crossed the rat, then slug or snail.

In the case of this best rugby player, the moth was the source of eosinophilic meningo fencitis. If a patient is able to recover after a few weeks of treatment, other cases will cause damage to the brain and damaging it. Sam Bald completed 420 days in a coma.

His family supported him. Bollard, a drug addict, tried to solve the consequences of this brain. However, the results of illness continued.

According to Newsweekly reports, deadly events are very rare. In the United States, this disease is found in Hawaii.

Disease Control and Control The US Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), in addition to dealing with gloves,

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