Sunday , June 20 2021

Elections in 2018: Antwerp: Socialists have confirmed their origin

(Belga) The Antwerp Socialist Party office has given green talks on the formation of a communal council with N-VA and Open Vld in the first city of Flanders. Former Mayor Bart de Weaver, head of NVV list as a coach, invited the parties to the previous day.

Is aimed at developing an "objective criticism" approach in these discussions. The head of the JennyBelz list is admitted that discussions are not easy. "We do not want to explain why we have not tried our children," she added, adding that her party would take on "social and standard" focus. The challenges of the biggest city of Flanders are "great honor". Social management, housing, education, and society are socialist preferences, primarily against fight against sleepwingers, more space for pedestrians and bicycles. (Belgae)

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