Friday , March 31 2023

"Fantasy Animals" is interesting to the North American Box Office


The second installment, called "Fantastic Animals", took place in a stroke, in the United States and Canada in the first three days, and collected 62.2 million dollars.

Many years before Harry Potter's birth, Jillert acted in a young Dumbledor Judy Law, who escaped from the Blind Wald (Johnny Depp) rescue mission.

Another funny animal adopts the second step of the overbridge: "Green" is a green and poisonous animal, still hated by Christ, is his hypocritical hypocrisy.

$ 38.2 million ($ 126.5 million less than two weeks), Universal Studios's animated film "Bohemian Roaming" (15.7 million, a total of 127.9). Freddie Mercurie, her legend Brand Queen

Two innovations complete weekend winners: "Apprentice's Parents" (14.7 million) and Mark Wahlberg have decided to hand over couples with unbearable children. Steve McQueen, a feminist thriller "Widdes" (12.3 million), is a 12-year-old Oscar winner, "12 Years a Slave".

Here's the rest of the top 10:

6. "The Net Crawler and Four Countries" ($ 4.7 million, a total of 43.9 million)

7- A "Star Born" (4.4 million, a total of 185.8)

8-"Overlord" (a total of 3.9 million, a total of 17.7)

9- "Millennium: Not Kill me" (2.5 million, a total of 13.3)

10- "Novel's Fool" (2.3 million, a total of 28.9).

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