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Francis Joyne, the greatest hero of an epic hymn – Root the Rome


Celegenarian captain with a unified personality in front of Francois Gabbard in Punicen-Pen-reincarnation.

In Punte-Petre,

The maxi-three-dimensional iDD sports quickly turns into a dance flux, embedded in the promotion of the Memorial ACTE Point-e-Peters. Binayo, the sound of the bomb blast, for a British recovery Seven Nation ArmyFrancis Joyne trapped in his boat's trampolley, and formed a team and his close ties. Surprisingly, his wife tried to tell the interest of the Virgin. The lover will do some good efforts, but he is often relatively short. He does not drink alcohol, no rum – he only enjoys the snowflakes inside the glass, only to taste the lips of the drink – the remoteness of Joni's wisdom.

An unusual sailor

In 62 years, he has written on one of the most beautiful pages in the history of the Atlantic Ocean, and the largest book of offshore racing – the French Guadalup along with François Gabbard. The seven-and-a-half day younger brother decided to take a seven-minute eight-hour eighty-eight. A master stroke. He will run normal under camera F likes, his eyes shine, feel emotion and come out. "I'm curious to have fun with Francois," he murmurs with his soft voice, which is a fraud of his foxes, and ultimately forbids the break with the debt he owes. It was an unusual race. A good hero sprinkled an unusual finish.

»With this –The Root du Ruay Triple Winner, Joe's boat becomes a legend

"Lamby Peron, a predecessor in 7-day 14 hours 21 hours and 47 seconds, says:" Francis is an extraordinary Navy. Participation. It's one of the best. It became a specialty for the Transatlant Anglease (2000) crossing the Sea of ​​Albatos Company, whales or flying fish. Before Francesco Gabbart defeated Thomas Kovill.

Lego game

In 1956, Urey was born from Hanshees Sea, near Lake Lourdes, and younger Bernard Mänzichich read his conversion dreams by reading stories from Moisesier, and then gave him the internship. Glenance in summer school will be monitored later. Before he left for work as a carriage, he built a 12.50 meter plot in a family workshop. This extraordinary handyman's first trimanton was created by the built-in Lego game built in the 1980s. He did not find his home in Lakdomerin to cross through many art lovers.

"That's it Attack without fear"

Gwenel Guidelines

If he was from the ground, Joyne became a sea mammal. He agrees with a fluid and saline element that has never been concealed. Guernal Gainet (40 days, 23 hours), who won the 2017 Jules Verne Trophy, confirms that he is one of his five friends. In the south, he attacks without fear. In the case of stress management, he is very friendly. He tries to handle high speeds in order to control sleep. He is surprised. "

"Francis, that's another culture"

Christian pope

If the test is agreed to rest after the trott, the Naval Navy continues to be a UFO in the middle of the race. There are quarries for the corpses in a mad machine or triangle on a physical level where he faces. "Francis is 62 years old," said Crystal Lee Papp, director of the Phoenician Pole Ocean Racing, "an extraordinary power to survive." Joyne, a performance circle of Gort, Jose, and Le Clécus, continues. "We never saw him, it does not matter, Francis, it's another culture, he's separated, the pap continues, but it's deep respect for all its opponents."

AC -20181112 rdr-2545

The eternal Respect for Patrice Lafarge, who financed her projects since 2002. "Francis, with a big smile, sends me with a big smile at a retail sphere in commercial, real estate or residential real estate, a great, great man, a little embraced and does not want to glorify himself, but its owner, Joe's most powerful multi-tasking, self-reliable Personality. "At home, Ransis care of everything. He has periodically mechanic, painter and navy. He does not need a big team. He does not have to stand it anymore. That's fine for a sponsor like us. "


Patrice Lafarge

What is the future of sexuality after such a beautiful rum? "I will not say anything," he smiled on Sunday night. The first edition of the World Solo Race (Breast Oceans) scheduled for one year, after the interval of UTimes, is not relevant to the Idd Sport. Moment. "Francis is still green, but the boat contains an opportunity to make it more powerful, says Patrice Lafarge, choosing Francis, the boundaries of time or back.

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