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Full list of couples in WWE!

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A few days ago, we know that wrestler Allert Black and wrestler Zelina Vega became united by marriage. An announcement that was more surprising than one, because the two lover birds were discreet about their history.

The rhythm of life and the proximity to the scenes, however discipline is an important factor in the formation of couples. WWE, a machine runs 365 days, today animate the wrestlers is an X factor of emotional relationships.

Using collaborators Reedit, Journalist Felix Upton Having fun at the "official list" of present-day couples behind Stamford Company's scenes.

This list was created against public entities that share with superstars fans.

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

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Female superstar Alexa Bliss shared her life with Buddy Murphy, the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion. They share a house and have a dog and Larry Steve pigs. Renie Young also appeared where their relationships were unveiled during the total days of the season.

Rainy Young & Dean Ambrose


The commentator and the lunatic fringe are going to pass the ring on their finger. Both live together in Las Vegas Renée has not tried to work and mix private. At home, there is no question of calling them by their stage name. Dean Ambrose Joan, his real name is Jonathan Little.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


Since 2003 both are married to WWE leaders. They are also happy parents of 3 girls.

Nikki Cross & Killian Dan


SmackDown live wrestlers have been together for a long time. After forming the Dane Cross, two members of the Senate are intimately connected.

Mike Canellis & Maria Canalis


There is no wonder, there was a child (Freddie Moon) with the power of love. They share their life on social networks.

Ricochet & Casey Catanzaro

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NXT Superstar is currently sharing relationships with former American Ninja Warrior star. Today, while training at the Performing Arts, two Lovebirds are no longer hidden. It's not impossible for two wrestlers to become a couple officer after they took place in the Maine roster.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso

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Both are found in the Performance Center. They do not have children yet, but they will make plans.

Paton Royce & Tie Dillinger


This couple kept surprising many people. However, during the photo shoot, Royce left some signs, including wearing a T-shirt with the Dillinger logo.

Lena and Rusev

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When both lovers met at the Performance Center, their emotions became stronger and stronger for years.

Candies lare & Johnny Gargano


Before signing the Candice WWE, Garga had his prior relation. Both are now married.

Bianca baler and Mount Ford

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Two lovers of NKX married in June this year.

Bry Bella & Daniel Brian

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The couple is no longer a mystery. Both were married. They are a child named Birdie Joe Danielson.

Czech Ryder and Chelsea Greene

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Ryder has been a well-known wrestler for many years in WWE. Chelsea is one of the new talents signed by NXT. They were together before signing Stamford Company.

Sarah Logan and Roe

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Two Vikings share their love on social networks.

Miz and Mary

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The hit couple is a model of a genre that is married in 2014. His couple is in the middle of the reality show (Miss and Miss). They have a daughter named Monro Sky.

Michelle McCull and The Undertaker

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This couple is mythological. They met in WWE and got married in 2010. Their daughter is from 2012.

Aller Black and Zelena Vega

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Both of them are married right now. More details here

Live Morgan and Taylor Bout

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When Live Morgan was dating Anzo Emmore, she left it for Taylor's beautiful eyes.

Mia Yim and Keith Lee

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Almost arrived at NXT at the same time, both seen in Orlanda and are regularly seen on the network.

Roderick Strong and Marina Caffeir

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When they met, Roddy was in PWG and Shafier was still in MMA. They themselves say they found behind the scenes of PWG Show. Both of them had a baby named Troy Vanium in 2015.

Cesaro and good amato

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Switzerland is in relation to WWE trainer Sarah Amato. She is a very discreet couple.

Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton

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Bose was married to WWE's leading costume designers, Sirth Thomson in 2016. She is very intelligent about her relationship.

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