Tuesday , January 31 2023

Furious festers after destroying Westville on the last minute (VIDEO)


Limburg's Public Advocate's Office opened information about the WestVillage festival, which was canceled for the last time by the Lomélé Mayer for security reasons. Flamespeace reports on Saturday that he suspects fraud through false proof of payment. The organizers were arrested on Friday, according to the hat Lattest Nivas.

Fuzzy and moved to anything, the festivities were especially unhappy, as we can see on this YouTube video. "F * CK Westwich, they are like" Fair ", one of which mentions a major festival in Bahamas, which has actually been canceled after its inception.

Tensions were apparently on top for many days between festival organizers and suppliers. Some companies have received false evidence of payment for thousands of euros. Payment was made only after the threats of the disassembly.

Three members of the organization were arrested. They are suspected to be involved in fraud, money laundering, fabrication and trust. They were all night inquiries.

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