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Game of Thrones: The main thing to know about the last season


Information required to know about the last 8 game games. Please note, potential spoilers …

There are many fans at least a few months to go Game Of Thrones After 19 months after the Season Season Season, Eight Seasons of Eight Hour Season can be enjoyed. The logistic complexity of the film and the long term due to the many digital special effects considered in the final. All the important information to know is point.

Duration and number of episodes

This is superb information from the director on November 13, 2018 David Nuther – Who's filmed by that hotter episode? Rainy rain Season 3 – Fans in a Reddit chat. The six episodes of the last season will be confirmed and will last for a long time. David Nuther : "Last season episodes, my knowledge, more than 60 minutes. " The director adds: "Comparison between Season 8 and the River Castor River, I must warn you, hang it to your seat as it leads to separate seats! […] I assure you that there are many surprises and shocking visuals."

Release date

The season of 8 broadcasting seasons has been confirmed by HBO. The final season will begin in April 2019 in the US. This will be done in the first half of April. In France, 24 hour episodes are available after the US broadcast of OCS.

The beginning

By dataEntertainment WeeklySeason 8's start in Winterfell. The Danny Army (Emilia Clark) Join Starck Strength Center, apparently, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Jon Snow (Harrington kit), She still believes her brother-in-law, dragon runner. Let's quickly learn that the DNA is pregnant …

Planned events

One or more of these are not leaked, but we know that the weary teams of the series have witnessed at least two major wars. A vast and inconvenient clash of white voter disturbances, the footwork of the windpills, in a big battle with the port-relay capital. 55 shuttles last night, one of the battles, the night fighting.

Casting: Normal …

We will find all the main characters. John Snow (Harrington kit), Tieran (Peter Din Lal), Seri (Lena Hette), Denis (Emilia Clark) Jaime Lonetter (Nicolozi coaster-waldau) Each episode had a $ 1.1 million (€ 976,000) signing contract. A legal issue referred to by Télé Star would be revealed Nicolozi coaster-waldauHer character's sister / queen / lover ceremony was not omitted from all sections.

Casting: For those who come back …

Other major, but most important players, Ghost, John Snowbow's Golden Wolf, Jack Herhur,Tom Valshasha) Arya's uncontrolled master murder, Robert BarathenAddy mark)! Deoto for TormmondChristopher Hivuz), The lost sovogan in the fall of the world, the season 8 "Blood vessel."

Casting: New

Mark Risman (Last country) The head of the Golden Company, Harry Payasland, is called a cunning mercenary to rescue Serzie with a large loan from Iron Bank. Daniel Gilligan The character played by Sarra. The only giraffe associated with Sarah Freak, Arya (Mrs. Williams) The whole family organized by the massacre of Purple Riots is not a spell. The young British actress Alice Knocks (EastEnders) a character, Villa, we do not know anything at all.


The HAB check book has been released after a budget of $ 8 million ($ 12.2 million) each season. Each episode of season 6 is $ 10 million ($ 8.2 million) and season 1 to 5 is $ 6 million.


It is in the final of the whaling season. David Nuther (Climate rain) Miguel Saposhin (Battle of the Basta ards), the creators of the series / shorners David Benioff W

Dead people

Everything is speculative now, but many of the characters are bitten by the producers on the basis of what the Scriptures say. And we expect to believe in predictions by an algorithm (see 10 above deaths).

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