Sunday , March 26 2023

Ganshøren: This is a list of newcomers



2019 budget, 3 year plan and policy statement will be announced in the initial phase of 2019.

The Gangonda College in Gunshorn is known. Here are the names of the future Ganshoreninos section:

– Pierre Compani (Proganshorn): Bugmaster. The power of technology in police, defense, CPAS, communication, solidarity and international relations are present.

– Stephanie Obed (Elbi): First Underman, Digital Business, Local Sustainable Economics and Public Hygiene in charge of Finance Budget.

– Jean Paul van Laethem (ProGanshoren): The third age, civil status and population, sports and housing.

– Marina Dehing – Van den Brooke (Proganshorn): Dutch Culture, Dutch Youth, Health, Social Affairs – Social Collision.

– Gregory's rate (challenge): Good governance and transparency, citizen participation, neighborhood committees, local democracy, equal opportunities, gender, human resources, employment

– Sabrina Barrack (ElB): Festivals-Urban Animation, Francofollett, Animal Welfare and Environment.

– Quinrin Peylinck (Proganshore): Early childhood, family, education, employment, government purchasing.

– Magali Cornelius (ElB – Boutique List): French Culture, Town Planning, Mobility and Agenda 21.

– Chantal De Saeger (ProGanshoren) will be nominated as the President of the CPAS.

In this communication of 25,000 inhabitants in the northwestern northwestern Northwest, Pierre Compton's prognostic vote came out on October 14. Elbow / Grun List (5), Eco-Gron (4), Challenge (2) and NVA (1). The 2019 budget, which starts in 2019, has a three year plan and general policy statement.

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