Sunday , September 25 2022

Google: What are the most wanted diseases by French?


In the study of online pharmacy site Newfäma, Sony has introduced the most sought after diseases by French on Google search engine. A real sign of our worries …

When you are sick, Reliance on the Internet has become a habit by many of us for the first diagnosis. However, between August 2017 and July 2018, according to a study conducted by the New Pharma Online Pharmacy site, these are not the most common diseases on the web. Especially the news which will point out the French interest for a disease. Hence, endometriosis has the highest demand for pathology containing more than 175,000 retrits. As a result, celebrity testimonials match their recent strong media coverage Lena Dowham.
With 144,900 applications, Charcot's disease comes in second place. The result is that the study is explained by the death of the physicist Stephen Hawking Who was suffering. Likewise, Lime Disease, transmitted by Tick, comes in third place with 114,000 requests due to its lighting.

To find the perfect ranking, here it is.

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