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Haccoon Canvas sells for $ 90.3 million, for the sake of living artist


David Hockney's British painter sold for $ 90.3 million in Christie's auction in New York on Thursday.

Jeff Kuyen's "Balloon Dog (Orange)" sold 58.4 million dollars in 2013, Christie's New York in "Artist of Portrait" (two picture pool).

Auctioned for 18 million dollars It reached $ 50 million in 30 seconds.

Canvas sold for $ 80 million after nine minutes. The combined fee and commission increased by 90.3 million rupees. New autumn sale of large autumn new sale.

The 81-year-old British painter, owned by Santa Monica, owned the Pacific Coast Highway on May 28 last year, broke the record of the film. A sale organized by Sotheby's.

The cost of this price is $ 80 million, such as guarantee (auction price of auction house insurance) or a reserve price (which can not be sold below the low price).

"We can rarely say: this is an opportunity to buy the artist's best painting (…) this time," said department secretary Vice President Ana Maria Sellis. Christie's past and contemporary art during the painting.

Furthermore, the book is considered one of the "Greatest Art of Modern Times", assistant to contemporary art, Alexander Rodter, Christie's.

– Attraction –

The climax of two of Britain's most famous themes, the Great of Pop Art, explained: "Swimming pools and twin images are interacting with two people.

This large format canvas (2.13 m 3.05 m), a handsome pond in the pond, a swimming in his direction and another in the background of an Idolic landscape. Trees and mountains.

Stalin is a former sketchman and mastermind of David Hockney. UCCA in Los Angeles Peter Schlesinger was one of the university students. Their relationship lasted from 1966 to 1972.

With the completion of the filming in 1972, Peter will be a new lover of swimming.

In cover of a number of books about the artist, David Hawkney is one of the good works of the film. She was one of the earliest views dedicated to her 80th birthday in 2017.

The job was always attracted at the Tate Gallery (London), Center Pompadou (Paris) and the Metropolitan Museum (New York), where Rothter had nothing to say about Canvas's owner.

According to the Bloomberg agency and the site "Artnet", the British billionaire Joe Levies, the owner of the Tavistock Group and the English Football Club, owns Tutenham Hotspur. According to Forbes magazine, the net worth was $ 5.4 billion.

In 1995, Hollywood producer David Geoffrey bought a business due to the price rise.

He is drawing a beautiful artist, David Hockney every day. "Everything I want to do today is at my age," he told an interview with Channel 4 channel. "."

"When I drew up, I feel like I was 30," he said. "I just want my age."

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