Saturday , January 16 2021

How to use pedophiles to use fornite to approach its victims

Video games

Using the phenomenon of cat sports, the American had made up to 20 victims of 41 years.

Fortnight is one of the most popular sport in recent years. The creation of Epic Games has more than 200 million players, and kids and teenagers spend many hours (too much). The ideal hunting place for some pedophiles Anthony Thomas, a 41-year-old Florida man, was one of them.

Poison gifts

Thanks to Fortnight's cat and using a companion he established contact on the game. The next role? Receive the confidence of a prospective victim and get useful information about her personal life. After a while, Teen Anthony came in touch with Thomas, ready to do anything to please him. Many gifts have been offered, including a 17-year-old smartphone. It is better to reach its targets and to join its hunting at any time. It was with this mobile phone that included video and pornographic photos that could retrieve police hunter in October last.

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" The case is in trouble because it includes child pornography, but also because the popular online game was used to communicate with the sufferer The Florida Attorney General said in the local press. " Parents should be aware that the hunter is ready to use every possible remedy for the child's exploitation "He said. Thomas may be made up of 20 victims, accused of 22 mines, including sexual intercourse with young children and the spread of sexual acts related to the citizen. Their bonds will reach 700 000 euros today and now it is far away, Farben is a distant young player.

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