Monday , August 15 2022

If emotions are all wrong, "not natural in Vegan diet"


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The animal is attracting more vegetarian and vegetarian foods that eliminate proteins. It is mainly inspired by environmental and animalism. According to many experts, this type of food is very low. Professor Jerome Bindel believes in agronomic faculty at JimLock.

Is it natural without brutal protein?

"If you are a veterinarian, you can not eat naturally, human culture is not vegetarian but there are vegetarians, there are groups of milk-eating groups in India, why do not you have a brilliant culture? It is dead and human beings can not save the protein of human beings, to pay compensation, The food Vitamin B contained in the unfiltered ilannal 12 atanniyittumunt, but this is not enough. Vejigan nature and allow the life of the closest in the diet. (….)

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