Saturday , June 10 2023

If the baby is born, the child will increase the chance of blueprint


New UK research shows that women who are giving birth to babies are more likely to develop labor.

Researchers from the University of Ken University have discovered this discovery. 296 women Type Their children The incident Baby Blues.

A link between the growth and development of depression has been found. The development of male fetuses and the complications of birth defects are two of the two most common causes of trauma. If there is a link to the presence of baby blues.

Compared to women who gave birth to boys 71 to 79 per cent of the girls are more likely to develop depression.

In addition, there are women who are experiencing the results Complications During delivery A Risk 174% of babies may be infected by Blues when they compare to pregnant women.

However, the study suggests that the baby may suffer from anxiety and stress, but it is less likely to develop after a difficult birth.

The researchers explained their history, known as mental disorders of these women. Family and medical professionals should take into account the well. This is a Follow-up good post medication Maybe an effective way Caution Baby blues.

"Postmodern is depression Avoidable Risk can also help women in reducing the risk of developing this disease"Give birth to a baby The child And Complications These two factors increase the risk of birth at the time of birth: these two facts teach the medical profession the two tracks "For Identify A need for women Follow In the first weeks and months"Co-writer Sarah Jones said.

This study was carried out in the journal 'Social Science and Medicine'.

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